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Dances of Universal Peace - John began spiritual practice in 1987 doing tai chi, and followed the "watercourse way " to Taiwan where he lived for 5 years. In 1996 he was initiated into the raja yoga line of Paramahansa Yogananda which remains his central practice to this day. He discovered the Dances that same year and began training with Amida Harvey.

Dances of Universal Peace & Sufi Practice - Asherah is a Dance Leader, frame drummer and a sufi initiate coming from France. She is also a Mentor in Training and an initiator in the Sufi Ruhaniat International. She has been leading Dances of Universal Peace for the past 13 years.

Dances of Universal Peace and Emergent Space - Christina Gulzar is a Dance Leader, Mentor and Retreat facilitator, who has been leading the Dances of Universal Peace and Retreats in the UK and abroad for over 15 years. She also co-teaches International Dance Leader Training programmes.

Dances of Universal Peace - Having been brought up and immersed in the Dance and Sufi family in Germany since birth, Alina now walks the path of a Dance Leader and a Sufi Mureed (student), following her own inner search for authenticity and meaning since her teen years.

Dances of Universal Peace & Mindfulness - Daren 'Kagyu Senje' is a personal student of Akong Rinpoche in the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. After a long nearly 2 year pilgrimage in India in 1989/1990 he was initiated and trained in Mahamudra and chod by Tibetans.

Dances of Universal Peace - Glen is originally from England, now living in Berlin. A student of the dances for twenty-five years, he has given hundreds of workshops and longer retreats across many countries in Europe and beyond. Connecting heart to heart and hand to hand, these sacred dances transform us breath by breath and step by step.

Harmonic Temple - Nickomo will be leading sessions of Harmonic Temple. Nickomo and Rasullah have recently produced a third CD and booklet of dances based on the Druid tradition.

Yoga Nidra - I have been practicing yoga since 1972, teaching within meditation groups, womens' circles and shamanic gatherings for over 30 years.

Circle Dance - Rosa has been teaching Circle Dance since the early '80s, and runs dance events in Shropshire with "her" band Bellamonda.

Taize - I am inspired by the wonderful ability that singing together has to build community and well-being. I have a particular attraction to the sacred in song, which can be found in many guises and many places.

Vocal Improv - Dee Jarlett has been a Unicorn Voice Camp teacher since the inception of the camp. She co-founded Gasworks Choir, Naked Voices, Sweet Soul Sisters, Gasworks Scratchy Folk Orchestra, Strings and Things, Classical Gas and Sing Your Socks Off.

Yoga - Ty Lynne was first introduced to yoga by lovely Elizabeth while living in the Thai jungle in 1990s and has completed teacher trainings with Sivananda Yoga UK and Devon School of Yoga.

Deep Adaptation - Alan Heeks has been exploring for many years how people can find more wisdom and strength through connection with the divine and Nature.

Creative Arts for Children - I specialize in teaching creative arts, including music, drama and painting.  From the beginning I have used the Dances as an integral part of my daily teaching to enhance community and for exploring spiritual ideas.

Drumming & Firenight - Since founding his Sunshine Drumming Company in 1994, the percussionist Mike McElya has been winning a great reputation for his charismatic blend of instruction, inspiration, team-building and entertainment.

Meditative Songs for Bedside Singing - Over the years Rebecca  has led International Women's Day workshops and has co-taught with her husband Bruce at Unicorn Voice Camp, Sacred Arts Camp and day/weekend workshops around the country.

Family Constellations Trainer, Supervisor and Facilitator, Barbara has been
involved with constellation work since the Founder, Bert Hellinger was first
invited to England in the mid 90s.

Vocal Improv - Joanna Harvey has been leading music workshops for over 20 years and has been deeply immersed in Collaborative Vocal Improvisation (CVI) since 2919, leading regular CVI groups in Frome. She also runs a community choir in Bath.

Sufi Whirling - Hannah Jewel, PhD, is passionate about complementary and alternative healthcare as it relates to development of the full human potential. She has been in private clinical practice and teaching since 2002.

Devotional Singing & Climate Adaptation - I love the way that Devotional Singing and the Dances can open a door in our hearts, connecting us to each other and to the streams of blessing that they bring. There is a deep joy and transformative power in sharing this together.

Emergent Space - Simon is a heart-centred coach who facilitates heart intelligence retreats with his partner Christina Gulzar, in Britain and internationally. Camp is a wonderful place for this transformational work of coming into more loving acceptance of who we truly are.

Circle Dance Band & Devotional Singing - I coordinate the Circle Dance band, which from mid-week is open to all musicians who feel confident to learn traditional tunes, either by ear or with music, ready to accompany the evening circle dance.

Circle Dance - I have been dancing for over 40 years. My most influential teachers were Keith Armstrong and Colin Harrison both of whom learnt directly from Bernard Vosien at Findhorn.

Our Ethos

Sensitivity, Respect and Acceptance

Our camps are alcohol and drug free creating a safe environment
There is music, song, fireside chat and laughter but no late night noise or amplified music

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