Alan Heeks

Deep Adaptation - Alan Heeks has been exploring for many years how people can find more wisdom and strength through connection with the divine and Nature.

He has led sessions on numerous dance camps, and at Hazel Hill Wood, the centre he founded near Salisbury. Alan’s approach draws on various spiritual traditions, especially Sufi, Christian and Celtic. He is now deeply involved in climate adaptation work, and has been named as a Deep Adaptation Advocate by Jem Bendell.

Explore ways to face into and grow through the climate and ecological crisis, finding fellowship with others and strength from the divine. Based on the work of Jem Bendell. Using a mix of DUP, Sufi practices and sharing.

How to grow your own happiness by learning from resilient ecosystems, e.g. composting, co-creativity, crop cycles. Drawing on Alan’s new book, Natural Happiness, and using a mix of DUP, processes and sharing.

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