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I am a seeker on the path of the heart, a dance leader and a mentor of Dances of Universal Peace, a Sheikha (teacher) in Sufi Ruhaniat International and a student of Tibetan Buddhism. Born in Estonia, I now live as a global nomad, sharing dances and the message of Universal Sufism worldwide.

Having been brought up and immersed in the Dance and Sufi family in Germany since birth, Alina now walks the path of a Dance Leader and a Sufi Mureed (student), following her own inner search for authenticity and meaning since her teen years.

Dances of Universal Peace - Matthew believes passionately in the power of dance and music to open hearts and support people in deepening into themselves. Matthew has organised and taught Dances of Universal Peace since 2009. He runs a monthly group in Bristol and has taught at dance camps in the UK, France and Latvia.

Passionate about the tapestry of life, the keys to inner transformation and the search for that curious "je-ne-sais-quoi" that makes life happy and beautiful, Gabrielle is a French artist and author specialising in children’s books, young adults novels and fantasy literature.

Our Ethos

Sensitivity, Respect and Acceptance

Our camps are alcohol and drug free creating a safe environment
There is music, song, fireside chat and laughter but no late night noise or amplified music

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