Dakini Warrior

I am a seeker on the path of the heart, a dance leader and a mentor of Dances of Universal Peace, a Sheikha (teacher) in Sufi Ruhaniat International and a student of Tibetan Buddhism. Born in Estonia, I now live as a global nomad, sharing dances and the message of Universal Sufism worldwide.

I first met the dances in the 1990s, and started leading regular dance groups in 1995. A passion for the dances and the Sufi path led me to initiate a dance camp in Estonia (2001) and a Sufi camp in Scotland (2012). I also served on the DUP International Board of Directors for 9 years, until 2022.
After studying for years with Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz, I am now, for the last 20 years, guided and supported on my path by Pir Shabda Kahn. 
Another major influence in my life has been my connection to Tibetan Buddhism. When living in Findhorn Foundation in the 1990s and 2000s,  I met some precious lamas and ‘virtuous friends’, and co-founded a Buddhist retreat centre there in 2005. These teachers, and in particular Lama Zopa Rinpoche, continue to endlessly inspire and guide me. 
Having worked professionally with children and teenagers all my life, i have been drawn to answer the call to support teenagers at various dance camps in the UK and Aotearoa – a role I have for the past years shared with my husband Karl.

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