Gabrielle Elisha Kay

Passionate about the tapestry of life, the keys to inner transformation and the search for that curious "je-ne-sais-quoi" that makes life happy and beautiful, Gabrielle is a French artist and author specialising in children’s books, young adults novels and fantasy literature.

She pursues her lifelong study of creative skills and has created a 52 card oracle, illustrated by a talented artist. This oracle is a mirroring tool allowing people to engage a dialogue with their creativity.

She is particularly interested in notions of wonder, grace and amazement, the power of nature, and journeys of resilience and metamorphosis. Her travels around the world, particularly in South-West Asia, have left their mark on her work and on her path.
She encountered the Dances of Universal Peace in 2017, in Paris, with the Equadorian guide, Mashol Rosero. The Dances moved her deeply and appeared to her as a direct channel to nourish the heart and to connect with every living being, through movement, music, sacred phrases, attunement, joy and deep authenticity. Her dance mentor is Gulzar. Since the beginning of 2023, Gabrielle is co-leading the Circle of Paris, in France, with the guide and musician Julien Jamal.

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