Voice Camp

Maya Waldman

To facilitate a group of humans to sing and harmonise together is the greatest privilege and pleasure. I have been leading people in song for nearly 20 years and over this time experience has created many layers to my teaching. I’ve developed my musicality, expanded repertoire, sung in many contexts and with many ages, but […]

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Lewis Renshaw

Lewis has decades of experience playing and studying music from all around the world. In recent years his focus has been on the middle eastern frame drum, studying with the father of the modern frame drum method, Glen Velez. He is keenly interested in the magical interplay of voice and drum, and hopes to inspire

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Sarah Pennington

My focus is always on connection – connecting to each other, supporting each other in this process, connecting to the words we’re singing, losing our selves and our voices in the blending of song, and setting the song free to be what it wants to be in this moment with these beings.

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Jane Shann

Jane, an experienced workshop leader in Sign Language, is delighted to be able to share her experience in blending Sign Language with Singing. Co-leading with Jo McAndrews, Jane and Jo will lead an interactive workshop fusing elements of sign language with simple yet beautiful harmonies, to create a unique expression of song.

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Dee & Ali

This duo have worked together for over two decades, forming Bristol’s Gasworks Choir and Naked Voices, and are skilled and speedy teachers – spinning parts and weaving voices to create rich harmonies in minutes. They will be teaching on-going sessions in the second half of the week. They are both known for their arrangements of contemporary and

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Sophia Efthimiou

“We are all born singers. We are vibration. We are resonant beings. Singing is our birth right and gives us an embodied experience of ourselves, allowing us to be fully present. When we sing together we feel the truth of ourselves as vibrational beings, and our interconnectedness to all of life.”   Sophia holds a

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Nickomo & Rasullah

Harmonic Temple involves singing short four-part harmony songs and chants based on mantras and sacred phrases from different spiritual traditions, all composed by Nickomo. http://www.nickomoandrasullah.com/harmonic-temple/harmonic-temple.htm Nickomo and Rasullah will be aided by Pete Linnett and Bruce Knight. New songs are sung each day and the session is open to all. Rasullah will also be leading

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