Dance Camp

Grace Marie

Dances of Universal Peace – Grace D. Marie is an international teacher and facilitator, teaching Dances of Universal Peace, voice, 5 Rhythm Wave, Nia, Barre Fitness, and movement meditation that are interwoven in her experiential workshops guiding the journey of the body, heart and soul. Grace has worked as a Fitness Instructor for the city of Fort Collins and local Health Fitness Centers, and believes in balancing health for the Body, Mind and Spirit.

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Asherah Boyer

Dances of Universal Peace & Sufi Practice – Asherah is a Dance Leader, frame drummer and a sufi initiate coming from France. She is also a Mentor in Training and an initiator in the Sufi Ruhaniat International. She has been leading Dances of Universal Peace for the past 13 years.

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Christina Gulzar Lausevic

Dances of Universal Peace and Emergent Space – Christina Gulzar is a Dance Leader, Mentor and Retreat facilitator, who has been leading the Dances of Universal Peace and Retreats in the UK and abroad for over 15 years. She also co-teaches International Dance Leader Training programmes.

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Bettina Shakura Heidsiek

Dances of Universal Peace – Bettina Shakura has had a love for dancing, singing and drumming since childhood. She engaged particularly in African, Oriental and Sacred Circle Dance before the Dances of Universal Peace came into her life and took her on a profound journey into healing and wholeness. She has been leading DUP since 2001.

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John Bolton

Dances of Universal Peace – John began spiritual practice in 1987 doing tai chi, and followed the “watercourse way ” to Taiwan where he lived for 5 years. In 1996 he was initiated into the raja yoga line of Paramahansa Yogananda which remains his central practice to this day. He discovered the Dances that same year and began training with Amida Harvey.

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Glen Unmana

Dances of Universal Peace – Glen’s spiritual background is in Sufism and Advaita Vedanta and this breathtakingly beautiful form of sacred song and dance has been alive in him for 25 years. The dances are a tool for the transmission of blessing that opens the heart to qualities of love and reconnects dancers to the natural state of pure awareness beyond thought.

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Daren Messenger

Dances of Universal Peace & Mindfulness – Daren ‘Kagyu Senje’ is a personal student of Akong Rinpoche in the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. After a long nearly 2 year pilgrimage in India in 1989/1990 he was initiated and trained in Mahamudra and chod by Tibetans.

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Harmonic Temple – Nickomo will be leading sessions of Harmonic Temple. Nickomo and Rasullah have recently produced a third CD and booklet of dances based on the Druid tradition.

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Pete Linnett

Taize – I am inspired by the wonderful ability that singing together has to build community and well-being. I have a particular attraction to the sacred in song, which can be found in many guises and many places.

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