Tarisha Seligman

Join Tarisha for a singing meditation journey through the sacred elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Her evenings in the yurt unfold in a magical way and the medicine of the songs are felt whether you rest and listen or join whole-heartedly.

For my drop in:

Singing Medicine

Discover the healing power of your own voice and write a personal healing mantra. It can be one word, can be a phrase .. the beauty is in it’s simplicity. Receive the vibration of love and wellness which arises out of your own heart and perhaps even hear the group sing it back to you if you would like.

Tarisha is a Singing Medicine Woman who works magic through her voice, heart and spirit. On her own healing journey, she has used song and sound as medicine, feeling the ongoing benefit of turning her sound inside and literally singing her cells well.

She also loves to share elemental songs, honouring the Earth, Air, Fire and Water with reverence, love and gratitude.

Tarisha began writing songs and chants when she joined Prana in its latter years and this has guided her path as a singer, healer and shamanic woman.

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