Maya Waldman

Maya Waldman is a community choir leader who lives in the wilds of West Wales and leads 2 thriving choirs.
She is looking forward to returning to the unicorn voice community with a bunch of folky, bluesy highly delicious songs.

To facilitate a group of humans to sing and harmonise together is the greatest privilege and pleasure.

I have been leading people in song for nearly 20 years and over this time experience has created many layers to my teaching. I’ve developed my musicality, expanded repertoire, sung in many contexts and with many ages, but essentially my continued love of supporting people to sing and seeing their musicality and confidence blossom is at the heart of every session I facilitate. When people come and sing with me I feel they place their trust in my hands, and I treat this with care and respect.

I aim to bring joy, humour, energy and compassion to my teaching.

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