Grace Marie

Dances of Universal Peace - Grace D. Marie is an international teacher and facilitator, teaching Dances of Universal Peace, voice, 5 Rhythm Wave, Nia, Barre Fitness, and movement meditation that are interwoven in her experiential workshops guiding the journey of the body, heart and soul. Grace has worked as a Fitness Instructor for the city of Fort Collins and local Health Fitness Centers, and believes in balancing health for the Body, Mind and Spirit.

She is an initiator with the Sufi Ruhaniat International, and a Dances of Universal Peace Mentor.  She has organized and co-facilitated Dance meetings, camps and leader trainings worldwide for over 25 years.

Grace co-facilitates and organizes group Dance journeys and pilgrimages worldwide, blending the group within the culture.
Working directly with many wisdom traditions worldwide, Grace has enriched the DUP repertoire, adapting traditional prayers into meaningful songs and accompanying them with original, insightful and inspiring Dances.

Grace’s style is joyful, deep and ecstatic. Her 4 albums, Kunda, One Love, All My Relations, and Life as a Garden, recorded in Peru and the US, are listened to worldwide.

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