Daren Messenger

He has also academically trained in Philosophy (practicing as an Existential psychotherapist) as well as Secular Mindfulness (Masters' level post-graduate trading at Bangor University). Daren will be guiding the early morning Mindfulness meditations bringing all of these perspectives to bare on our human condition in the 3rd decade of the 21st century!

As a 'Shoom era ex raver, Daren will be helping to guide the Ecstatic Dance acoustic rave sessions through the week!

Sarmad Daren Messenger is a student and teacher of the 'nature mysticism' work of Saadi Neil Douglas Klotz - within a Western liberal stream of the Chistya lineage of Sufism. At this camp Sarmad has been asked to offer afternoon sesshins on "inner teachings in Aramaic Christianity from a Sacred Middle East lineage/perspective."