Sophia Efthimiou

Sophia has been facilitating inspiring workshops for 16 years and is passionate about supporting people to experience the healing power of the voice.  

“We are all born singers. We are vibration. We are resonant beings. Singing is our birth right and gives us an embodied experience of ourselves, allowing us to be fully present. When we sing together we feel the truth of ourselves as vibrational beings, and our interconnectedness to all of life.”

Sophia holds a nurturing and magical space, weaving her love of music, people and the land with a lightness of spirit that invites us to welcome ourselves as we are. She has collected songs from many traditions, and teaches them in an easeful way, enabling anyone of any experience to feel the bliss of singing in harmony together. 

“Singing together is a re-membering experience. It’s ancient and vital and brings us into a deeper connection to the power and potency of our being. We sing our joy and our sorrow. We sing to pray, to heal, to give thanks and honour this gift of life!”

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