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Exciting programs designed for growth and connection


Natural Voice Camp

Unleash your inner songbird in our Natural Voice Camp. Join experienced vocal coaches in daily workshops and ignite the power of your voice. Sing, harmonize, and find your voice in the captivating beauty of Unicorn Village.


Dancing Spirit Camp

Get ready to dance to the rhythm of your spirit in our Dancing Spirit Camp. Explore various dance styles, from contemporary to tribal fusion, and celebrate movement as an expression of joy. Discover the freedom of dance amidst the enchanting meadows of Unicorn Village.


Constellations Camp

Embark on a transformative journey through our Constellations Camp. Dive deep into the mysteries of constellations and systemic work, guided by experienced facilitators. Uncover hidden patterns, heal relationships, and gain insights into your own life’s path at Unicorn Village.

Our Unique Value Proposition

Immerse in a loving community, connect with nature, and unleash your potential.

Magical Campsite

Escape to our charming campsite, nestled amidst enchanting wildflower meadows. From spacious marquees and cozy yurts to magical outdoor spaces for workshops, our campsite offers a serene and inspiring backdrop for unforgettable experiences.

Immersive Workshops

Our daily workshops and activities are designed to inspire joy, creativity, and personal growth. Led by skilled teachers and facilitators, each session is carefully crafted to nurture the unique interests and talents of your child.

Our Ethos

Sensitivity, Respect and Acceptance

Our camps are alcohol and drug free creating a safe environment
There is music, song, fireside chat and laughter but no late night noise or amplified music

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