Tarisha Seligman

Using the voice as a healing instrument, we open to receive song and sound for both our healing and the healing of the earth.

The vibration of sound together with our intention has power and magic whether we think we 'can sing' or not. We will discover that just to be present to the subtleties of sound and where it resonates in the body can settle the nervous system and bring peace.

The space created is that of ritual and each session will be complete in itself.


Tarisha begun her journey with Prana which opened her to the magic of chanting and connecting with nature. She has lived and worked at Osho Leela in Dorset for 21 years running festivals, workshops and Shamanic ceremonies. Her songs are mostly chant based, simple and sincere. Tarisha is a Singing Medicine Woman using song and sound as medicine for her own healing and for others.  She sings the moment with great ease and an open heart and supports this in those she works with.