Rajeswar & Suekali

Raga is the melodic music of India going back thousands of years. It takes lifetimes to master, and yet even complete beginners can get access to a place of profound resonance with the vibration of the universe. So we want to share this with you and tempt you to explore it further. Each session will focus on a particular raga belonging to a time of day and with a specific mood. This year we will structure the sessions to give beginners a clear introduction, and offer regular participants a chance to enjoy the essence of the raga. Learning raga gives us so many riches - singing without effort, increasing resonance and range in the voice, experiencing ourselves ‘being sung’ and it also takes time to really feel at home in the raga and to get comfortable with the basics. There is the opportunity to follow up with individual lessons during the camp to get a more in depth experience of how this practice can help your particular voice. Rajeswar is based in India and has been teaching westerners for over 30 years. Suekali was his first western student and loves the way in which raga enables embodied singing from the heart. All welcome.