Anna Sophia Parker

Her journey with the Divine Feminine has coursed like a river flowing to the ocean, with Tara pilgrimages, the Om Namo Amitabhaya Dance which became a world phenomenon, (Amitabha sits on Tara's top knot bringing primordial wisdom and light through the darkness), presentations on the Divine Feminine at two recent Parliaments of World Religions, Inanna workshops, and recently running workshops with the Mary Magdalene Dances.

These dances were inspired through Amina Linda McMakin from South Carolina USA, after her deep study of the  Aramaic teachings with Saadi. Amina has made Anna Sophia an emissary for her work. Mary Magdalene has come to represent the liberation and awakening  of the Divine Feminine, and a doorway through which we may encounter her vibrant eternal energy as  the Inheritor of Light, the same Light recognized in her companion, Yeshua. The two together represent the balance of the feminine and masculine, the Sun and Moon of love, the bride and bridegroom and the sacred marriage.

With the dawn of the male dominated orthodoxy 300AD and the complete rejection of the Holy Bride, the deeper magical and mystical elements of Christianity were rejected. Given the extreme imbalance between the masculine and feminine in our present world condition, and the evolutionary crisis we are facing the need to restore the Holy Bride to her rightful place is clear.

This is the spiritual hope for the future of humanity and Planet Earth - the recognition of the Feminine Christ, the Sophia as well as the masculine Christ, the Logos. This is according to the Sophian Gnostic teachings.

The beautiful evocative dances and rituals of Mary Magdalene transport us to the realm where the message and the mystery meet to create miracles!