Steamed Pudding for 20

Strictly for those who want to show off

Chris’s steamed chocolate pudding was GORGEOUS – the raw bit in the middle being the best bit.
Steaming sounds like showing off, but actually it’s an easy way to keep what you are cooking at a steady temperature on a wood fire
Requires a degree of confidence, creativity and 'what the hell, bung it in anyway'
Grease tins – use 2 of the BIG (A10) tomato tins washed out, or equivalent.
Rub 3 pats butter (or marg/butter mixed) into 6.5 Mugs Self Raising flour and 1 tab of baking powder
Add 2.5 mugs sugar and flavouring – lemon or orange peel; vanilla; ginger.
More flavouring = more flavour (obviously!).
For chocolate, replace 1+ mugs of the flour with cocoa and add some bits of serious chocolate as well
Add 10 eggs and mix.
And mix.
And mix
Add fillings if you want – up to 4 Mugs of raisins, sultanas, dates, currants, more chocolate
You don’t have to, but you can put any or all of jam, syrup, brown sugar and butter in the tins, then the mixture
Cover the tin with a cloth, then silver paper.
Stand in boiling water (to half way up the tin) to 2 hours
You may need to weigh down the tins.
Tip out to eat.