Yes, it's possible, Numero Uno with children, adults and one up on all others!

However, you do need a large sheet of thick metal (the site crew had these for a couple of years, which is how we got started).
You need a BIG hot fire...
When lots of wood is in charcoal form – still solid, but not flaming - make a sandwich that goes (from the earth up) red hot embers/metal sheet/two un-burnt logs on either side of the sheet/on which sits your grill/on which sits over a row of well burn/burning but not flaming wood.
Thus, in the middle is a very hot sheet of metal, with a 'grill' of hot charcoal above it.
When it is really working 1 pizza takes about 30 seconds so you need a production line of rolling & toppings = in one side, out the other
The recipe is the easy bit – bread dough with lots of olive oil; tomato sauce; cheese olives etc OR chocolate and marshmallow; caramelised onions; other creative inspirations.