Other Ideas

Couscous is SO EASY on camp - cook up bits first: onion, peppers, aubergine, nuts - then add couscous, then add boiling water (stand well back) and STIR. Done in a flash.
Sweet salad: chopped up apple + walnuts + sultanas + tin of coconut milk. Stir & Eat.
Chickpea and Feta salad: a couple of tins of chick pea and a block of feta + dressing and fresh herbs. Scrumptious and filling.
Spud + chopped spinach: cook bite sized chunks and at the last moment add tins of chick peas + fried onion and garlic + (optional) ground cumin and coriander.
Sosmix: good for sausages, hopeless for sauces. You need to add flavour to it – garlic, bouillon, carrots, oats...
Cake: take a fruit cake or 2 – great to share when the tents are first set up, great to eat later in the week when it starts raining, great to eat in secret when someone else’s burnt rice has left a late night hunger.
New spuds with fresh rosemary and butter: rosemary is good therapy for emotional settling
Bake spuds in washed out empty tins – much better than silver paper.
Fruit juice on cereal: use rather than milk because it doesn’t go off as quickly
Heavenly Health: rub cut garlic onto toast + olive oil
Grilled Malt loaf
Bake bananas with chunks of chocolate stuffed in cuts before you wrap them in foil.
Porridge (Think about cooking it by bringing to a hard boil the night before then leaving in a 'straw box' overnight. i.e. a well insulated container which can, indeed, be a box stuffed with straw).
Toasted marshmallows dipped in chocolate
Toasted marshmallows squashed between chocolate biscuits
Eggs fried in a hole made in a slice of bread
Eggy bread (scrambled egg is hard to wash up after)
Snakes on a stick: made by twisting a snake-shaped piece of dough around a stick and holding it over the fire. It makes a nice breakfast bread to eat with scrambled eggs. Begin with a green stick about 2 feet long and 1/2 inch in diameter. Peel the bark off one end, and briefly heat that end over the fire. Roll the dough into a long, thin snake shape (thin dough cooks easiest). Carefully twist and wrap it around the peeled end of the stick and pinch the dough ends so the snake doesn't fall off the stick. Turn it over the fire until the dough is brown and cooked through, then slip it off the stick to eat. Delicious topped with butter and jam.