Carolyn's Fruit Slice for 20

From the Forest School Camps - Sort of mince pie on a biscuit

You need a tray - 2 foot x 2 foot
Put 5 mugs of raisins and 5 mugs of sultanas (750g of each) plus an ounce of mixed spice, into a large pan.
Cover in tea - diluted a bit if you haven’t enough dregs.
Heat, but don’t boil or burn.
Add 1oz (25g) of corn flour and stir a lot until it thickens.
DON’T boil but keep hot
Meanwhile, crush 2kg of biscuits (digestives or similar) and add 1 pat of melted butter – press into the tin
Pour fruit over biscuit and leave to cool. 

Carol's Cauliflower for 12

Fry 4 large onions and a couple of garlic finely chopped.
Add 2 medium cauliflowers, cut in florets, plus enough water to just show.
When tender remove from heat and add 3 tabs tahini and 3 tabs tamari.
You can also add a couple of tins of chick peas or other beans.
Great with rice or spuds – different and seriously nutritious.

Sheila’s Quick Lentil Soup for 20

Chop 6 medium onions plus a couple of chopped garlic cloves fry in oil.
Optional additions: couple of chopped carrots and/or celery and/or chopped spud
Add 2 mugs red lentils (or 500g if you have one packet)
Add water and Bouillon if you have it (2 tsp/pint)
Boil & Eat.
Optional additions for an exotic/extra angle: Dried apricot and 2 tsp gr. Cumin.

Lentil and Cinnamon Sauce for 15

Lacey’s favourite comfort food for pasta or spuds.

Slice and fry 4 onions along with some (optional) mushrooms.
Plus 6 crushed garlic cloves.
Plus 2 tsp cinnamon.
Add 3½ mugs (or 1½ packets) rinsed red lentils and 4 tins of toms and about 2½ pints of veg stock
Cook to soft – (1-1½ hrs?)
Add 4 chopped peppers about half way through the cooking.
Add a good squirt of tomato puree and salt and pepper.
Worchester sauce – optional if you are not going cheesy.
Grated cheese if you want.

Annabelle's Inspirational Kebabs

You do need those wooden knitting needle things for this. Soak them in water for a while before threading food on and they don’t burn so easily.
Onion; tomato, courgette, aubergine, mushroom
And the inspiration? Smoked tofu and vegetarian sausage chunks.
Keep solid stuff near then ends to trap the other bits in/on (courgette is good for this).
Cook tomato sauce and/or spicy clever sauces over a nice hot fire, then flatten it out to give a big area of embers (no flames please) to cook the kebabs.

Risotto for 16

Finely chop 4 onions and 2 peppers and soften in plenty of oil/butter.
Bring to the boil about 2 pints of water and add 4tsp (or 4 cubes) of veg stock mix
Add rice - around 4 mugs to the onion mix and stir well to coat each grain.
Ladle in the stock a bit at a time, stirring constantly.
You want a gentle but constant fire.
If you run out of stock, add some of the boiling water you have ready.

Ghanian Groundnut Stew for 12

from Jane King

Chop finely then fry about 4 onions
Add a jar of peanut butter – smooth and sugar free if possible.
Add boiling water a stir to give a thick sauce
Add chopped courgette and/or sweet potato chunks and/or chunks of squash
Remove some for children who don’t like spices
Fry together 3-4 chopped cloves of garlic; 2 chopped red or green chillies and about 1” of fresh ginger chopped finely. Add this to the stew.
You can also add a tin of coconut cream