Baked Marrow

To go with other things

Fry up an onion and garlic in plenty of olive oil.
Add a few herbs, bung in chunks of marrow and a little water.
Leave on a not-very-hot-part of the fire.
Takes about an hour but sits well for ages.
(Keep a eye on it to prevent conversion to soup – though it is still lovely if mushy).

Carolyn's Fruit Slice for 20

From the Forest School Camps - Sort of mince pie on a biscuit

You need a tray - 2 foot x 2 foot
Put 5 mugs of raisins and 5 mugs of sultanas (750g of each) plus an ounce of mixed spice, into a large pan.
Cover in tea - diluted a bit if you haven’t enough dregs.
Heat, but don’t boil or burn.
Add 1oz (25g) of corn flour and stir a lot until it thickens.
DON’T boil but keep hot
Meanwhile, crush 2kg of biscuits (digestives or similar) and add 1 pat of melted butter – press into the tin
Pour fruit over biscuit and leave to cool. 

Carol's Cauliflower for 12

Fry 4 large onions and a couple of garlic finely chopped.
Add 2 medium cauliflowers, cut in florets, plus enough water to just show.
When tender remove from heat and add 3 tabs tahini and 3 tabs tamari.
You can also add a couple of tins of chick peas or other beans.
Great with rice or spuds – different and seriously nutritious.

Sheila’s Quick Lentil Soup for 20

Chop 6 medium onions plus a couple of chopped garlic cloves fry in oil.
Optional additions: couple of chopped carrots and/or celery and/or chopped spud
Add 2 mugs red lentils (or 500g if you have one packet)
Add water and Bouillon if you have it (2 tsp/pint)
Boil & Eat.
Optional additions for an exotic/extra angle: Dried apricot and 2 tsp gr. Cumin.

Lentil and Cinnamon Sauce for 15

Lacey’s favourite comfort food for pasta or spuds.

Slice and fry 4 onions along with some (optional) mushrooms.
Plus 6 crushed garlic cloves.
Plus 2 tsp cinnamon.
Add 3½ mugs (or 1½ packets) rinsed red lentils and 4 tins of toms and about 2½ pints of veg stock
Cook to soft – (1-1½ hrs?)
Add 4 chopped peppers about half way through the cooking.
Add a good squirt of tomato puree and salt and pepper.
Worchester sauce – optional if you are not going cheesy.
Grated cheese if you want.

Annabelle's Inspirational Kebabs

You do need those wooden knitting needle things for this. Soak them in water for a while before threading food on and they don’t burn so easily.
Onion; tomato, courgette, aubergine, mushroom
And the inspiration? Smoked tofu and vegetarian sausage chunks.
Keep solid stuff near then ends to trap the other bits in/on (courgette is good for this).
Cook tomato sauce and/or spicy clever sauces over a nice hot fire, then flatten it out to give a big area of embers (no flames please) to cook the kebabs.

Risotto for 16

Finely chop 4 onions and 2 peppers and soften in plenty of oil/butter.
Bring to the boil about 2 pints of water and add 4tsp (or 4 cubes) of veg stock mix
Add rice - around 4 mugs to the onion mix and stir well to coat each grain.
Ladle in the stock a bit at a time, stirring constantly.
You want a gentle but constant fire.
If you run out of stock, add some of the boiling water you have ready.