Constellations Camp Practicalities


On arrival, turn into the field where the carpark is – someone will meet you at the gate and you will be given a timetable. You will then be directed to one of the three camping circles within that field. 

Camping circles/community

The advantage of being part of a themed camp is that you are all sharing the same experiences. Although it is not encouraged to discuss the constellations themselves in your circles, we hope you will find the necessary practical and emotional support you need from your circle. It should be the first place you look for company… so we encourage you to make use of that. 

You are encouraged to discuss the arrangement for evening meals within your circle as soon as possible.

Compost toilets

These are organic toilets which use sawdust instead of flushing with water. Please do not put anything inorganic into the toilets, a bin is provided. You don’t need to bring your own toilet paper. There is also a separate toilet with disabled access. 


There are water points throughout the camp. The water is filtered and good to drink. Please take water away in containers for use in your circle; washing up and teeth cleaning at the standpipe is discouraged as it creates mud and is a health hazard.

Hot Showers

We have showers heated by a wood-fired boiler in a spacious dry enclosure. Communal showering and sharing of water is encouraged as being the most efficient mode of use but there is also a separate individual shower for anyone requiring privacy or easy access.
Details of times for showering will be on the timetable. 

Compost and recycling

As part of our green ethos we do not provide for the collection of general rubbish which you must take away with you so please bring a bag for personal rubbish. There is an on-site recycling facility for all recyclables. Recycling bin bags will be provided for each circle. There is a compost area to receive organic waste, each circle is provided with a compost bucket.  

Camp rules

In our experience, the use of alcohol or illegal drugs interferes with the process of personal transformation so neither will be permitted on site. 
  • You are asked to stick to a time boundary of quiet time between 11pm and 8am but low volume conversation is permitted and please, no chopping wood either late at night or early in the morning. 
  • You are asked to leave you mobile phones either in your tent or in your car, preferably turned off, or at least on silent and are asked that any phone calls take place off site.
  • Any gas appliances are required to meet fire regulation standards and should be kept to a minimum. 
  • No pets on site. 
  • No visitors or new arrivals after the first day of camp. 


Here is a list of things you might want to bring:

  • tent, dome, tipi or yurt
  • sleeping mat, warm bedding, hot water bottle
  • torch, lantern
  • rugs and sheepskins
  • ear plugs
  • lighter
  • saw 
  • axe
  • mallet
  • wellies and waterproofs
  • all weather clothing (it can get cold at night)
  • large pots and pans
  • trivet or grill
  • plates, bowls, cups, cutlery
  • chopping board and knife
  • washing up bowl
  • water carrier
  • stool or chair 
  • bag for non-recyclable rubbish
  • sun-screen and sun hat

You need to take responsibility for any personal medical requirements you may have.

Cars and camping vehicles

As we are living physically close to the earth it is a wonderful opportunity to experience everyday living at its most basic, surrounded by natural things. However, we realise it is difficult to avoid vehicles on camp completely.

Camping vehicle dwellers are asked to park up along the hedge. We ask that you cover your vehicle with awnings if possible, to lessen the vehicles’ visual impact. Please consider using a tent in your circle if you can and leaving your vehicle in the car park for extra convenience. The camp greatly benefits from having a minimum number of vehicles on site. 

Travelling from abroad? - Shopping and Camping Equipment

Those travelling from abroad please enquire about help with camping equipment, lifts and shopping trips.