Kate O'Connell

Kate is a voice healer and choir leader based in The Highlands of Scotland, where she has 5 choirs and regular 'Sing For Peace' sessions.

 “I love harmony and inviting people to open up their authentic voice and true soul. The vibrations resonating through our bodies can promote wellbeing in our selves, each other and the world. I dedicate my work with sound and harmony to peace and healing in our society and natural world.”

A teacher at Unicorn since the first camp, she will again bring her enthusiasm and sensitivity to Find Your Voice and Vocal Improvisation.

Find Your Voice working with breath, posture, movement and voice exercises to open up the voice in the body and explore its power range quality and expression . Exploring what holds us back.

Vocal Improvisation. Its always a privilege at Voice Camp to work with such amazing singers and in this on going group I would like to take a risk to reach for something beyond myself- playing with harmony, rhythm and words to create something unique, of the moment, which expresses this moment in history where we stand. Come create with me.