Bernie Heideman

He has created many dances and continues to  learn the best dances he encounters in the gatherings he attends every year.  He continues to learn new chants and create new chants and dances.  Bernie is a melody junky and a group singing junky. 

He has been on the dance leading staff of the Wilderness Dance Camp for many years,  has co-led two Canyonlands camping retreats a year for over 15 years, led a winter camp in Mexico for 17 years, and led dances and dance retreats all over the world.  His style is loose and easy going. He leads with humor and invites “presence” in every dance.   He likes strong flavors and leads dances that are engaging.  He aims for either depth or ecstasy and invites joy into the dance circle.  He has recorded 10 CD’s of music  and two DVDs of dance instruction.  Another CD of the newest music is in the works.

Bernie has had three major creative times in his dance leading life.  The first produced mostly Sanskrit dances including the Gayatri Mantra both the long and short version, Om Hum So Hum, Om Gum Gunapatayai, Om Ah Hum, Om Mane Padme Hum, the Moola Mantra, Om Kleem Kali Kayea,  and in English ,  Healing Time and in Arabic Edinas Seratal Mustaquim.  

The second creative time brought forth  dances that were more dance-y, where the steps fit the rhythm of the chant.  Some of these are Om Mane Padme Hum Halleluya, Bo Diddley Zikr, Om Tara,  Om Dum Durgayei Namaha, Shree Ram Jai Ram,  Allah Zikr, and Gloria Halleluya.  .  Bernie feels these new dances will help spread the dances to next generation of dancers.

The third creative time includes, When we en-train, We are singing a new world into existence, Let’s join in a joyous groove, Halleluya Jai Guru Dave, Ah-oh-mm mane padme hum, and a bunch of dances with both English and mantras.

He has meditated for over 40 years and most recently  studied with the Ouray Mountain Institute which is a kriya-lamplighting school(see  He currently is working with the heart/breath meditation of Alaya Love.   (…).  Please listen to this life changing meditation.

He has been an organic orchardist and gardener for 40 years and started and ran Big B’s Juices specializing in fresh organic apple cider and other apple blends for 18 years.  He is married and has two grown children.  He lives on the farm in Western Colorado with his extended family. See to hear lots of his music.  You can see him leading by searching his name on YouTube.