Dancing Spirit Camp Teachers 2017

Matin Mize

Matin Mize has been involved in Sufism and Dances of Universal Peace (DUP) for 40 years. He is a teacher in the Sufi Ruhaniat International and a member of the Mentor Guild for the Dances of Universal Peace. He has taught DUP, Zikr, spiritual Walking Practices and Sufi Practice for many years.

Matin is well-known in the DUP and Sufi Ruhaniat communities in the UK, having often generously given of his time at events in England and southern Scotland. He was spiritual director of the Sacred Arts DUP camp in England for several years and has supported various events with his inspiring drumming skills. 

Deborah Latham (Maliqa)

My journey with the Dances of Universal Peace started in 1990 when I became closely involved with the early development of the Unicorn vision. I was initiated on the Sufi path at this time and this remains a fundamental inspiration in my life and work.  

Other major influences in my life have been: being a mother to my daughters, working as a practitioner and trainer in mental health services, a lifelong practice of yoga, and more recently several trips to India and the Far East where I have met some incredible teachers and beings and where I have developed a love of the bhakti path.

My aim as a dance leader is to share this devotional joy, love and inspiration, and my commitment is to support transformation. I very much look forward to sharing again at Unicorn.

Maris Warrior

I’ve been studying and practicing Sufism and leading Dances of Universal Peace for over 20 years. In addition, I draw inspiration and spiritual nourishment from my experiences with Tibetan Buddhism, and with the blessing of Pir Shabda offer guidance to those who yearn to dive into the depths of Sufism and dance leading.


Mo’unisa Zelenevska

Mo’unisa (Vitalija) is a certified DUP leader and mentor-in-training in DUPUK. She was a founder member of the Latvian Dances of Universal Peace Network (http://dup-lv.webs.com). Mo’unisa leads and accompanies the peace dances with the gitar and drum from 2002. She is on the Sufi path since 2004. She lives and leads Dances with Ralph Nimmann in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. Website: www.rainbow-cambridge.org.uk/dances/photos.htm

Glen Unmana

Glen has been a student of the dances for 18 years and teaches the dances internationally. He spends most of the year travelling and sharing the dances in different countries and in 2017 has been invited to give workshops and retreats in India, Morocco, France, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Andorra, as well as the United Kingdom. 

The dances are a beautiful tool for the transmission of blessing that open the heart to qualities of love and reconnect us to the natural state of pure awareness beyond thought. Glen received his first esoteric initiation in 1985 and continues to draw inspiration from his background in Advaita Vedanta and Sufism. His website has 6 hours of beautiful sacred music as well as colourful videos from his workshops around the world www.dancingforjoy.weebly.com

Jilani Prescott

Jilani worked for many years as a musician and music teacher, and now she loves to share the beautiful healing potential of the Dances, including the Aramaic work of Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz, both at home and abroad. She powerfully transmits the sacred, mystical energy of the Dances, whilst also bringing lightness, humour and joy. Her Dance workshops are always an invitation to journey deeply, profoundly supported by the music of her voice and viola. She effortlessly creates a safe and held space where people can feel confident, while her relaxed and patient teaching style means they easily learn the words, chants and movements.

Jilani has been involved with the Dances of Universal Peace since 1997, a certified Dance Leader since 2008 and she is now a Dance Mentor, with mentees in six countries, and a particular interest in working with young people. She is initiated in the Sufi Ruhaniat international. 

Daren Messenger

Daren Messenger leads DUP, has a particularly deep connection to Sufism, the Aramaic Lords Prayer and Buddhist mindfulness and concentration practices. He is a Registered Existential Psychotherapist with special interest in Cognitive Therapy using eastern teachings, and is researching mindfulness at the University of Wales Psychology Dept.


An essential element of Dances of Universal Peace Camps in this country for the last twenty years, Harmonic Temple involves singing short 4-part harmony songs and chants based on mantras and sacred phrases from different spiritual traditions.

New songs are sung each time and the session is open to all.


Sarah Pennington

Sarah is a Natural Voice teacher with twelve years' experience and many camps under her belt. She is particularly inspired by sacred singing of all kinds and the strong connection it creates between singers. At this year's camp she will be leading an evening of Taizé singing.

Taizé chants are beautiful harmonised chants from the Christian tradition in many languages, expressing love, yearning and joy, which create a space of stillness and peace. For more on this see www.taize.com

Kate O'Connell

Kate is a voice teacher and singer, based in the North East of Scotland, affiliated to The Findhorn Foundation International Spiritual Community and Eco-Village. Healing Voice – we can become channels of pure sound, invoking a space of inner harmony, connecting with Source and bringing clarity and healing to ourselves and those around us. Kate offers two sessions in an exploration of our voice and its use for personal and social healing, working with breath, posture, authenticity, soul, spirit – and creating harmonies together. She also has a sideline in calling for Ceilidh dances, which she will offer at this camp.

For more about Kate's work see www.katesvoices.co.uk

Rosa James

She has been teaching Circle Dance since the early '80s, and runs dance events in Shropshire  with "her" band Bellamonda. She is currently editor of the circle dancers' quarterly magazine Grapevine. She loves dancing outside in the Unicorn family.

Tara Greaves

I have been dancing since 1977, my most influential teachers were Keith Armstrong and Colin Harrison, both of whom learnt directly from Bernard Vosien.

Being a double Sagittarian I used to lead a rather itinerant life style and only led a regular group while wintering in Spain. However since settling in Frome five years ago I have been leading a group about once a month and we are blessed to have live music and singing led by Nickomo and Rasullah.

I also lead the Glastonbury group on occasion and prefer traditional dances. The dance for me is a truly joyful and uplifting experience and I am delighted to be sharing the teaching with Rosa at this camp.

Alan Heeks

Alan Heeks has led a wide variety of spiritual and personal development groups, often involving DUP, for the past 20 years.  These include his spiritual journeys to the Sahara, and events at Hazel Hill Wood. He has a deep interest in ways to raise resilience: the skills to thrive in uncertain times.  Alan has been a student of Saadi Douglas-Klotz’s work for 16 years, and is also passionate about nature as a teacher.

Karim Hadden

I first met the Dances in 1995 and for me they have been part of a continuing journey towards embodied spirituality and wholeness which also includes Sufi practice, Craniosacral therapy, devotional singing, psychotherapy and family life. I love the way that devotional singing and the Dances can open a door in our hearts, connecting us to each other and to the streams of blessing that they bring. There is a deep joy in sharing this together and I feel very thankful to be part of the Unicorn community.

I live in Hereford with my wife Susanne and daughter Louisa and have lead the Dances of Universal Peace since training with Philip O'Donohoe in 2002. I lead regular Dance and chanting events in Birmingham and Hereford together with Susanne. I am a mureed in the Sufi Ruhaniat and also a Craniosacral therapist.

I will be leading Devotional singing sessions and some DUP. Personal website www.karimandsusanne.co.uk

Jo Hanstead

Jo will be co-leading late afternoon devotional singing, drop-in sessions of chants from the Hindu, Buddhist and and Sikh traditions. These fit beautifully with the energy of the dances, creating a space of profound silence and peace. Jo has been involved in DUP and Unicorn camps for over 20 years, including being a regular member of the circle dance band, and offering 'In Your Hands' healing workshops.

Chrissie and Jo work closely with other musicians and singers in Frome to create regular opportunities to share sacred music. For more on Jo's work see www.johanstead.co.uk

Chrissie O'Keeffe

Chrissie O’Keeffe first encountered Indian spirituality through Swami Shivananda’s teachings (Divine Life Society, Rishikesh). She subsequently studied yoga with various teachers, learned mantras & bhajans, and completed a BA in Study of Religions, thereafter teaching Hinduism and other World Religions to A-level and undergraduate students.

Chrissie has been playing guitar & singing at kirtans & satsangs in the West country for over 30 years, including Santosa Yoga camps. She has been at Unicorn Camp for the last 2 years and loves it!

Bruce Knight

Bruce Knight runs a weekly circle dance group and a 100-strong community choir in leafy Warwickshire.  He will part of the circle dance team at Dancing Spirit Camp and looks forward to leading lines of happy dancers around the village green and under the setting sun. 

Rebecca Knight

Over the years Rebecca has led International Women's Day workshops and has co-taught with her husband Bruce at Unicorn Voice Camp, Sacred Arts Camp and day/weekend workshops around the country. Rebecca's teaching style uses techniques following the Natural Voice Practitioner's Network and creates a safe and supportive space.


Qalbi Jonitz

Qalbi Jonitz follows more than 30 years the spiritual path of the Sufis. Since this time he is inaugurated into the Qadiri tariqa and approximately 20 years into the International Sufi Order (ISO). He has been nearly 20 years a pupil of Hazrat Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, who appointed Qalbi as a representative of the German branch of the ISO. Qalbi conducted a center for meditation and Sufi practices for 10 years until he resigned from all offices inside the ISO. His passions are the Dhikr, the work with the asma al-husna, travelling and the management of group travel through the Middle East. Qalbi is a male nurse and teacher for nursing.

Ty Lynne

Ty Lynne was first introduced to yoga by lovely Elizabeth while living in the Thai jungle in 1990s and has completed teacher trainings with Sivananda Yoga UK and Devon School of Yoga. She is inspired by the vastness of the yoga path, from the physical practices that take such wonderful nourishing care of the body to the rich philosophies and teachings that underpin it all. As well as Ty's ongoing journey with yoga, she is also inspired by the Dances, the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism. She lives on Dartmoor with her family and teaches nearby.

Barbara Morgan

UKCP registered Gestalt Psychotherapist and Family Constellations Practitioner, Barbara has been involved with constellation work since the Founder, Bert Hellinger was first invited to England in the mid 90s. She has worked extensively in the field of constellations with most of the leading people in the field, including Bert Hellinger himself and has built up a depth of experience in that time.

She has been offering constellation work on camps for some years now and her experience is that the open-hearted space of a camp where we are close to each other and the land is an ideal place for doing this sometimes very painful, but ultimately healing soul work. 

Chris Sylla

Teaching and performing African music and dance since 2002. Based in Brighton, Chris performs and teaches regular classes in djembe and African music/dance in Sussex. She has worked in schools, community groups, clubs, the corporate world, festivals & camps, one-to-one and with large groups.

Chris was born in Stoke-On-Trent and although she has always loved singing and had a brief and disastrous relationship with the violin in childhood she came to music later in life. Having worked at the WOMAD world music festival for years and seen English people playing African drums she finally went to a class with a friend and was hooked.

In England Chris teaches regular drum and dance classes and workshops and performs in Brighton and elsewhere. She has been working with Nyodema, a Bognor based charitable organisation, & runs workshops for their events as well as helping out with various school projects in the Gambia. She also uses music and dance teaching for a variety of projects including total theatre and with the circle of life organisation working with young people in woodland environments. She has extensive experience with special needs groups also.