Voice Camp Teachers

Our teachers this year

Gitika Partington, Ali Burns, Helen Yeomans,  Rajeswar & Suekali, Pete Linnett, Alison Whittall,  John Bowker, Tarisha Seligman, Kate O’Connell, Nickomo & Rasullah, Dave & Lisa, The B Naturals, Rowena Whitehead, Kirsty Martin, Sophia Efthimiou, Anna Ling,  Dee Jarlett & Ali Orbaum, Pauline Down,  Jules Gibb, Bruce Knight, Gilo & Sarah, Ben Macfadyen,  Elle Holiday,  Joanna Wilemans and Jo McAndrews.

Gitika Partington

is a seasoned singer/songwriter, composer, vocal arranger, workshop leader and is delighted to be returning to VoiceCamp after a long time away. At the moment  she has three acapella choirs in London and arranges  more folk and original songs, as well as her great pop arrangements. She has songs published by Novello, Faber and  OUP . In 2016 one of her songs was sung by 1200 singers at Sing For Water West. She is a member of the 3 Bucket Jones collective http://www.3bucketjones.com, who are currently writing and recording their third album. http://gitikapartington.com/

Ali Burns

Ali Burns is a songwriter and arranger who loves to write for community choirs – songs with lush, beautiful harmonies and simple, profound text that are easy enough to learn by ear but satisfying and special to sing. Many of her songs have found their way into the repertoire - and hearts - of singers across the UK, and increasingly the USA and Australia.  Her songs are published by Faber, Signalong and Oxford University Press. 

Helen Yeomans

Helen returns with more of her award-winning music, sure to raise the roof and leave everyone totally uplifted. Helen touches the emotional core with her songs and enjoys bringing out the best of her singers. 


John Bowker

John is the founder and visionary behind the Irish Tribal Spirit and Earthsong events.

John Bowker will be bringing some of his new harmonic chants to his Heartsong TM workshops, including songs inspired by his recent journey into the outback of central Australia that are based on birdsongs from the bush and Aboriginal dreaming chants. The Heartsong TM sessions are deep and meditative, woven specifically with the intentional use of enchantment as a powerful tool. With John's careful and friendly facilitation and beautiful songs a playful yet powerful space is created where healing on many levels often occurs.

He will also be leading Tribal Spirit Drum session for Adults and Teenagers and celebrating the Lughnasadh harvest festival with a big fire dance session. 

Tarisha Seligman

Elemental Healing - Ancient Healing for Modern Times

We sing the elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water using sound and song around a sacred altar. As we sing and attune to each element, so their qualities awaken inside us and a rebalancing of our system can occur. Where do we lack fire? How earthed are we as we walk? What emotion do we shy away from? Is there space in our soul system to rest and attune to what is meaningful?
Each Elemental Healing session is complete in itself. Tarisha will introduce the theme in the morning gathering on the day of her sessions so you can see if you feel drawn. Sometimes one specific element is focused on, other times there is a theme like the balance between the masculine and feminine principles or the honouring of significant moments in your life. Each has a ceremonial aspect with a focus and intention. The songs are simple so that we can relax and bathe in the medicine of our sound.  
Voicecamp is a natural healing place, living on the land, singing, connecting with Beloveds. These ongoing sessions will help you to connect to nature more deeply and so to your natural self. They are deeply relaxing and regenerative.

Tarisha begun her journey with Prana and has always walked a Shamanic path. She has lived and worked at Osho Leela in Dorset for 19 years running festivals, workshops and Shamanic ceremonies with a focus on women's work, healing the feminine and re-awakening the Goddess. Her songs are mostly chant based, simple and sincere. Tarisha is a Singing Medicine Woman and Elemental Healing has been born out of her own healing journey, where nature, food, song and silence were the grounding forces. She sings the moment with great ease and an open heart and welcomes you into sacred space for inspiration, love and healing.


Rajeswar & Suekali

Rajeswar and Suekali bring you the opportunity to dive into the deep ocean of the bliss of Indian raga. Indian raga is all about surrender to the voice from beyond our personalities and beyond our limitations – we just sit, repeat, relax and let go and the raga takes us on its own journey.

In our workshop, you will leave with less than what you come with – it is a process of dropping our habitual patterns around our voices, letting our expectations and goals fall away... You will also fail – spectacularly! Indian raga takes lifetimes to learn - no goals, no place to go, just surrendering to the timeless ocean of Indian raga. Yet this process of letting go is not always easy. Rajeswar and Suekali bring a wealth of experience and varied skills having taught a wide range of students - from total beginners, those who have feb told they ‘can’t sing’, to professional classical, folk or jazz singers. You will learn how to really sing from your heart, refine your hearing, sing in tune, and discover more fluidity, resonance and range in your voice - these are some of the gifts of Indian raga that you can access in these workshops. 

Rajeswar is an internationally renowned teacher and singer from West Bengal in India who has been teaching for over 50 years. Suekali trained in western Classical music then creative arts therapy, and has been running workshops with Rajeswar for over 20 years. Her own work incorporates ‘First Nature’ body and breath work, teaching world music harmony singing, arrangements of Leonard Cohen songs, and since her move to Scotland, arrangements of Gaelic choral songs. www.thesingingheart.com

Pete Linnett

Pete is an experienced community-choir leader, composer and arranger based in the South West. He continues to be inspired by the wonderful ability of singing together to build community and feelings of well-being.

“I aim to lead you into the spirit, harmony and rhythm of the music in a simple, clear and fun way. I’m inspired by the music itself, and by the wonderful way that singing together can build community and feelings of well-being.”

With a wide background in various folk-musics, he currently enjoys splashing around in the converging and diverging rivers of Gospel, Country, Blues, and doo-wop - in fact any outbreak of people’s harmony with a certain spirit.

Alison Whittall

Uplifting, joyous, exhilarating harmony
Warm hearted, relaxed, blissful 
Freedom, fun, funky 
New original songs which pulse with the rhythm and harmonic richness of our deep heart and awakening one spirit. 
Gospel & African
Based in Devon Alison has been leading Ploughcappella, the thriving community choir in North Devon for 18 years, 
Heartsong in Exeter and Crediton Commmunity Choir.  Also a wide variety of singing workshops/choirs both in the UK and abroad.
Alison is a regular and well loved teacher at Unicorn voice camps both in the UK and the German Camp  
Her teaching book and CD ‘Heartsong’ is now available at camp and online
15 songs of Peace Freedom and Joy for choirs, including ‘Peace’
‘full of gems’ Sheila Macbeth 

‘overwhelming power and passion’   

‘unbounded joy’  (choir members) 

Pauline Down

Pauline has worked for many years as a choir leader and vocal choreographer. With a love of spontaneity, arising originally from her background in the anarchic world of ‘impro’, commedia del arte and clowning, one of her greatest passions is exploring how to facilitate spontaneous vocal choreography with groups of singers. There is something deeply refreshing and satisfying about discovering the freedom to be able to release inhibition and sing intuitively in response to other voices. This requires deep listening as well as a strong body/breath/voice connection so there will be some ‘mindfulness’ in the approach as well as safe, enabling structures and a good dollop of playfulness, humour and fun. These workshops could either be a nudge towards developing your own composition work/vocal choreography or simply provide a great opportunity to enjoy being fully in the moment and having a rest from learning.


The B Naturals

'Yes, the Other Fab Four are back! hotfoot from running Marvin Gaye and Beatles workshops, and their sellout World Tour of Goole, the B Naturals (Nick Petts, Guy Wilson, Dave King, Jon Conway) return to Unicorn for more fun-filled frolics and adorable acappella. Four teachers for the price of one! What’s not to like?


Dave and Lisa (Dave’s partner) will also be running a jazzy/bluesy drop-in workshop, just like in days of yore!’

Rowena Whitehead

Wake Up Singing  with Rowena and  Anna.

We'll start gently and stretchingly, and get lively as we wake up more , singing simple well seasoned repertoire from the well stocked voice camp pool and new  gloriously harmonious positive songs to give voice to the new day. All ages welcome , pyjamas optional. People new to singing leading may collect some juicy repertoire !  

Kate O'Connell

Kate trained  in theatre and movement at Dartington College of Arts and has worked for nearly 40 years as a community artist in the fields of youth theatre, voice, musical performance and  choir direction, as well as with the Healing Arts.  She has been based in North East Scotland for the last 30 years, where she has a long standing affiliation with The Findhorn Foundation International Spiritual Community and Eco Village. Her latest ventures are a workshop called Healing Voice and organising Sing For Peace groups, as one of the sanest responses to the remarkable times we live in.                                                                                        

Find Your Voice 

Kate will offer 3 drop in sessions for anyone who wants to explore how they use their voice, with a view to making it richer, stronger and EVEN more authentic. Looking at posture, breathing, diaphragm support, range, quality and SOUL. AND Intention - how does our song affect us and the world around us. Opening up the voice in the body can greatly enhance our wellbeing. Even those of us who think we know our voices, there is always more!

Kate's Drop- in : Women singing Kate will share a couple of beautiful harmony songs celebrating women's voices. 


Bruce Knight

Bruce Knight runs singing workshops, a weekly circle dance group, and the 100-strong Songlines community choir in leafy Warwickshire. He is a regular leader at both the Stratford and Chiltern Community Choir Festivals, has been to every single Unicorn Voice Camp, and enjoys creating his own acappella arrangements. Bruce embraces many styles, but is probably at his happiest teaching upbeat numbers accompanied by simple movements or dance.

This year, Bruce will be leading 3 sessions of (easy-on the brain) "Wake up Singing", plus a drop-in workshop.

In addition, Bruce will be leading a couple of late afternoon circle dance sessions. Come and dance to some wonderful world folk tunes played by an excellent live band formed that very afternoon! No partner necessary.

Jules Gibb

Jules is a voce camp regular- with drop ins and a big Glow presence. She's been teaching choirs and running workshops for 30 years both at home and abroad.

She lives and works in Manchester where she creates vocal performances in iconic buildings round the city, works with teachers and in theatres and designs vocal education

projects for the LEA. Jules' workshops are fun and well held and the music is passionate and relevant.

Nickomo & Rasullah

They will as usual be running daily sessions of Harmonic Temple. This involves singing short 4-part harmony songs and chants based on mantras and sacred phrases from different spiritual traditions - new songs are sung each day and the session is open to all. Later in the week they will offer a session of Dances of Universal Peace.

Sophia Efthimiou

Sophia is singer, choir leader and music teacher based in London and Sussex. She has a unique and infectious style, bringing a sweet balance of humour and depth to her workshops. Her warm and playful nature creates a sense of ease and unity, enabling everyone to drop into a space that is both held and free. Her own dance and movement practices naturally inform her leadership style, helping to bring the voice back into the body where it belongs. She collects and teaches songs from different cultures and traditions from around the world, leading harmony singing workshops with people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to bring out the natural voice and reinforce our innate human ability to make music. Her singing workshops are soul inspiring, heart warming and empowering, creating a sense of euphoria and connection for everyone involved.

Dee Jarlett & Ali Orbaum

Dee Jarlett and Alison Orbaum have been teaching together for over 20 years. Together they have been in Sweet Soul Sisters, directors of Naked Voices and Gasworks Choir. They have taught at Unicorn Voice Camp since it's inception and this year you will experience them magically teach a challenging song easily in one drop-in session. They will be teaching one of their own arrangements from their Gasworks Choir repertoire.
Dotty Drop-in.
Dee Jarlett, Sarah Pennington, Nick Petts and Jon Conway join forces to bring together a piece of classical music using a music score which they will provide! A session for people who enjoy sight singing with support from the teachers.

Gilo & Sarah

Gilo and Sarah have been running voice workshops as a team since 2001. Their easy rapport, relaxed style and seamless teaching mean that singing with them is simply a pleasure.

They like to do "hit-and-run" workshops, appearing in a village hall near you and turning a bunch of toe-dipping newcomers into a community of singers who come away amazed at having raised the rafters! Sarah and Gilo teach a broad range of songs, and often focus on music with an atmospheric and sacred quality.

Their workshops at Unicorn have encompassed styles such as American shape-note, Taizé, Iona, gospel, medieval pilgrimage song, and contemporary feminist hymn.


Anna Ling

Anna grew up in the Natural Voice world, and enjoys few things more than the magic of Harmony. This year, she is really happy to be teaching a number of Bulgarian Songs that she learned training with Dessislava Stefanova (of the London Bulgarian Choir) during her Ethnomusicology degree at SOAS. She has run choirs in London and at festivals all around the UK, is a performing singer songwriter, and loves to share music in all its beautiful forms! 

Ben Mali Macfadyen

Ben Mali grew up with voice camp as his annual heartbeat. It has been his inspiration and his education. He now works as a storyteller, facilitator and activist, using the power of group singing to inspire, empower and build communities around the world. This voice camp he will be returning to the U.K. to lead a drop-in session for men and those that identify as male to share some powerful Georgian polyphonic songs he gathered in the Caucuses.

Jo McAndrews

Jo McAndrews has been a voice camp regular for the last 10 years and is thrilled to be joining the teaching team his year. She has been a strong part of the vibrant community choir network in Stroud since moving there in 2000. She was part of the fabulous Bristol based Naked  Voices and runs her own choir StroudSong, now in it's 10th year.

Last year she collaborated with a local theatre writer and songwriters to create a great show about the experience of singing in a community choir. 'Our Song' was an inspiring project which celebrated the support and friendship that people experience as part of a community choir.

Jo is known for her warm, inclusive and enthusiastic teaching style and her strong emphasis on the building of community through singing together. She is offering a drop in workshop this year and looks forward to sharing a song or two with you. 

Elle Holiday

Eleanor Holliday is an experienced performer, teacher and writer.
She currently runs 4 weekly singing groups in Stroud and the Forest-of-Dean, an occasional pop-up choir for visiting EU nationals, and regular Speech classes for Drama undergraduates at the University of Gloucestershire.
She is particularly thrilled by Shape-Note, Medieval English, Georgian and Balkan music but teaches interesting songs from anywhere and also composes her own for theatre and choirs.
Eleanor encourages focus, rapid learning and laughter in her singers.

Joanna Wielemans

Joanna came in touch with the natural voice circle in 2002 in Findhorn, and ever since has not stopped crossing the channel to keep in touch with this singing heart of UK. In Belgium she runs singing workshops for adolescents and adults and leads projects with special groups as prisoners, women in safe houses etc.
Currently she runs the Belgian 'Rainbow Choir', an integration project for people from different cultures, singing and speaking different languages.
She will teach songs of 'Keruna',  a polyphonic vocal trio of Belgian women singing a wide range of traditional songs from all over the world.