Unicorn Village Camps tickets are selling fast book now and come and join us

  • Voice Camp: 6-14 August 2016 book now
    Singing is a uniquely healing, empowering and joyful activity that can be shared by everyone. You don't need to consider yourself a singer before you come to this camp!
  • Constellations Camp: 15-19 August 2016 book now
    Constellation work is a healing and transformative process. Focusing on traumatic events in the lives of current or past family members this radical, deeply moving approach can really make a difference to your life
  • Dancing Spirit Youth Camp: 15-19 August 2016 book now
    Join us for the second Dances of Universal Peace Camp in the UK exclusively for young people. If you are aged 16-30 and interested in dancing or leading dances then this is the camp for you!
  • Dancing Spirit Camp: 20-28 August 2016 book now
    The Dances of Universal Peace are the main focus of the Dancing Spirit Camp and deeply effect and inform every aspect of the camp experience. You need not consider yourself an able dancer or good singer to take part as the essence of your enjoyment has more to do with heartfelt opening than previous experience.